In this section several specific details of the stamps are dealt with in deeper way.
Depending on the material and documentation availability I tried to offer more details and info on some specific aspects of each stamp, uncovering some small "secrets" of their use or some technical characteristics or some peculiar cancellation etc.

Sometimes we may own in our collection interesting pieces without even knowing or we are not noticing some particular details...

Of course we will deal here only with some of the possible peculiarities.
In addition we will talk about some issue related to the postal history, as long as really interesting but only inside the limits set in this site Introduction.
Once again I outline that the collaboration is open to everybody, both to correct possible mistakes as well as to add info or pictures etc..
If some collector wants to propose some subject to deal with, I would be very happy to evaluate his proposal.
Not all the subjects will be detailed in the same way: depending on the amount of my info some issue will be handled in more deep detail than some other one.

The way to access "Going deep" is very simple and is close to the one used in the remaining part of the site: the "Going deep" are inserted divided by Duchy; a simple click on the selected one and... enjoy your browsing!