It has not been simple to build and organize this site.
Even if the "implementation" is without much sophistication and is built "in house" with all the problems and defects that this approach brings unavoidably, the quantity of info and scans presented here is really huge.
I would not have been by sure able to complete this work by myself alone without the collaboration and the help of several friends who have offered their personal time, their stamps and, even more, their passion for the philately.
A sincere THANKS to each of them.

SPECIAL Thanks to GIANCARLO Ronzi, who beautifully took care of the English translation, by making available so many evenings and so much free time. His contribution and huge commitment have been key for this site.

Thanks to GIANLUCA, for the beautiful pieces made available to me, for the fundamental technical support and for the constant support and the enthusiasm through this work.

Thanks to my friend PAOLO Rezzante, for the experience, for the suggestions and for giving me the permission to "plunder" his own collection.

Thanks to LUIGI Quarta, for the scans of Naples ("svolazzo" cancellation).

Thanks to MICHELE Toffanin, for the beautiful scans of Sardinia.

Thanks to PAOLO Bagaglia, for the experience, the opinions and the beautiful scans.

Thanks to ROBERTO Monticini, for the stimulus and the constant push to complete the work and to bring to conclusion this "adventure" available to everybody.

Thanks to SILVANO Campana, for the stamps he borrowed to me with such spontaneity and kindness.

Thanks to ALBERTO, GIANCARLO & RICCARDO, two friends who made available to me their stamps, their support and all the possible personal availability.

...and THANKS to everybody who for different reasons have chosen not to appear in this list...