In this case the title says everything, or almost everything...
This section has the simple purpose of quickly describe some postage stamps particularly nice looking and interesting for one or more characteristics, independently from their rarity. This is not a systematic study like in the case of "Going Deep" sections and technical details of the various pieces will not be given, with the only exception of a very short explanation note.
The section is simple a collection of some "flashes" to show how various and interesting can be this sector of the philately.
The postage stamps are divided by Duchy and inside the Duchy by issue, exactly with the same methodology used to deal with the systematic presentation of the single States.
In each page there are icons ("thumbnails" for the people more familiar with the Internet language...).
It's enough to click one of these and through an applet an independent window with the enlargement of the picture of the selected piece will open. Some section may be by design kept empty because I don't have at my disposal the corresponding image to be inserted.
We can ask the reason of this section: the answer is that it's unthinkable to go deep in all the subjects and all the details connected to the Old Italian States stamps with specific pages. For this reason I created these section of "quick consultation" where it is possible to see the pictures of very interesting and unusual parts, often useful for studies and comparisons (let's think about blocks and to the sheet borders that give useful info on the plate compositions). These images would not have otherwise found any place in the site but I wanted to show them because I considered them important.
There is no logic in the order I inserted the pieces, nor a predefined order. Simply I chosen several pieces that I considered interesting for some printing characteristic, or engraving, or color, or because showing sheet borders or multiples etc.. That's it!
Once again I outline that I wanted to leave on the side any link with the Postal History that for dimensions and complexity of the subjects go beyond the purpose of this site.
Of course this section will be in continuous evolution and expansion and therefore some pieces will be added by sure in future: on the same way anybody who has stamps interesting for some peculiarity can submit them to me without any problem for their presentation on this space.